FEE FI FO FUM by Kevin Sweeney

The lucky ones died before IT began to eat them…

IT had brooded beneath the ground for nearly a thousand years, buried alive, undying and filled with hate…

IT was a thing of pure hunger, a titanic monster with an insatiable appetite for the flesh of humans…

IT had been forgotten, an old nightmare, the stuff of fairy tales and legend…

But now IT has been set free, and tonight the people of Southampton will know screaming terror as IT rampages across the city in a gluttonous orgy of slaughter…

THE CROP CIRCLE by Kevin Sweeney

Fun. Friendship. Genital mutilation.

When one of them reveals that he has terminal cancer, four childhood friends agree to do something that they have talked about for years; ever since they were young, they’ve always spoken about making a crop circle in the shape of a massive cock. Of course it’s a childish, stupid notion, but somehow it seems fitting.

Little do they know what they are letting themselves in for… a descent into ultraviolence, insanity, and mind-bending horror.

THE GARDEN GNOME by Kevin Sweeney

“Insane, hilarious, depraved and a real page turner.” Simon McHardy, author of MOTHER MAGGOT and AUSSIE SICKOS

For fans of such classics as James Herbert’s THE FOG or Shaun Hutson’s SLUGS, a retro -style horror novel…

Her neighbours regularly steal Mr Farmer, her favourite gnome, from the old widow’s garden to take away on holiday with them. It’s a harmless joke. Mr Farmer has travelled all over the world, but he always comes back with plenty of photographs of his adventures to delight the lonely old widow. But this time, he has brought back something else as well…

Sex-dolls, clothes mannequins, ventriloquist dummies, action figures, stone statues… suddenly, all over the world, anything that has been given a human face comes to life. Comes to life… and starts killing.

Why is this happening? What do they want? Is this how the world ends? Only the garden gnome knows…

THE LOLLIPOP MAN by Kevin Sweeney

From the author of the notorious “banned” book THE LUSTY…

Ten years ago, Mr Bartleby, the nice lollipop man who helped children cross the road on their way to school, killed himself .And now he’s back to murder the kids who goaded him into suicide. A very British slasher with a jet-black heart, THE LOLLIPOP MAN is a blood-soaked voyage into the depths of depravity.

“I loved it! It’s gross, enthralling, depraved, funny and downright ferocious.” Owen Morgan, THE ABOMINABLE BOOK CLUB


Nobody remembers the Opposite Day massacre at the Big Top amusement park…Nobody EVER remembers the massacre because nobody ever SURVIVES it..

Harper thinks she is having a bad day. Having lost a great job, her home, and her girlfriend, she now works at the Big Top amusement park, entertaining guests… if “entertaining” means being sexually assaulted by the drugged up perverts who invade the park at twilight.

But Harper doesn’t know what a bad day is, not yet… because Harper doesn’t know that today is the anniversary of the worst massacre in human history… today is Opposite Day, when fun becomes terror, laughter becomes screaming, and the whole world is turned upside down in an orgy of skull-fucking, stomach-bursting, genital-grinding ultra-violence.

VITAL FLUID by Tom Bradley


When is the world going to wake up to the genius of Tom Bradley? …one of the most criminally underrated authors on the planet.
Andrew Gallix, 3:am Magazine

When Philip K. Dick found himself suddenly transported to New Testament Syria, he must have run into his namesake, Philip the Deacon. VITAL FLUID reverses the time flow, and brings the first Philip to the twenty-first century, along with his transmigrationally entangled nemesis, Simon Magus.VITAL FLUID is inspired by the uncanny performances and fascinating life of John-Ivan Palmer, the top stage hypnotist in America today. He calls this book “a masterpiece.”


ACA Cover

“Imagine, as part of his act, a stand-up comedian sets fire to himself and the club in which he’s performing to a sold-out crowd. Then imagine the crowd—instead of running for their lives—laughing wildly and applauding furiously as they all go up in flames. A Clockwork Aubergine is something like the literary equivalent of that.” Douglas Hackle, author of CLOWN TEAR JUNKIES and THE HOTTEST GAY MAN EVER KILLED IN A SHARK ATTACK

An absurdist anti-novel. A story for the ages, a secret-menu, a shibboleth, obscene haiku fingerprinted in greasepaint and monkey brains, a gonzo mash-up of genres ranging from Wild Western Wuxia to Soviet-Splattersteampunk-Realism, where foes become friends, friends become hovercraft, and someone keeps drunk dialling to satisfy their curiosity about snowmen. What is the Birthday Monster? Should we be buried wearing sunglasses, just to mess with future archaeologists? Is it a whale or a cheerleader? All of these questions and two more will be answered in, A CLOCKWORK AUBERGINE.


EXEUNT ALICE by Kevin Sweeney



A third adventure for the dream-child… ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND and its sequel THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS are two classics of children’s literature following the nonsensical travels of the eponymous heroine, filled with scenes and characters that have become iconic and loved for generations. EXEUNT ALICE is a third tale for Lewis Carroll’s dream-child, imagining that at the end of his life he left an unpublished and final part of an “Alice” trilogy, a short and unedited first draft, presented here with footnotes and an analysis that, in keeping with the conceit, treat the story as a genuine “lost” manuscript.

A meta-fiction, a meditation, and an affectionate homage.



Imagine JAME & THE GIANT PEACH, only instead of a giant peach it’s a genetic abomination, an unholy hulk of agonized flesh that Should Not Be… …and instead of a small boy sharing a jolly adventure with a group of anthropomorphic insects, there is a mindless killing machine on a nightmare voyage through an ecological Hell with a group of horrifying freaks! Torture in the name of science! A plastic island inhabited by mutant Sea Monkeys! Pollution kaiju! It’s another retelling of a beloved children’s classic sure to have the original author spinning in his grave!

SKIDSTAIN HALO by Kevin Sweeney


There are many Heavens, one for every taste, and they are all paradise.

But there is one problem with eternal bliss.

Eternal bliss is B-O-R-I-N-G.

Mankind craves violence, action, competition, and the glory of being able to stomp on other’s dreams with a cry of, “Suck my eight-foot, rainbow spunking cock!”

To stop the afterlife tearing itself apart in riots born of boredom, a sport was invented. A sport that would satisfy mankind’s desire for ultraviolence and the need to hate each other’s guts for stupid reasons.

A simple story about a serial killer’s rise to super stardom.